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Jamie Means is a public health consultant with 7+ years of experience providing training on subject matter issues related to professional development, equity, workforce development, and curriculum development. Additionally, she is highly efficient in conducting research, implementing initiatives and programs, and rebuilding health-based workforces.

Jamie Means is a graduate of Meharry Medical College where she earned her Master of Science degree in Public Health and a certificate in Health Policy. Prior to her academic career at Meharry Medical College, Ms. Means attended Converse University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and a certificate in Business Professionalism. Currently, Ms. Means is pursuing a doctorate in Business Administration with a concentration in Higher Education.

Ms. Means is an inspirational, thought-provoking leader who uses her experiences to lead others. She is very authentic in her approach to delivering, informative messages that pertain to confidence-building and professional development. She continues to donate her time within the community with efforts of promoting academic success, health awareness, and professional growth. Ms. Means serves as a catalyst, sparking change and cultivating social and intellectual well-being among young girls and women. She is constantly working to achieve excellence while helping others unlock their true potential.


TEDx Talk

“The Social Life of Public Health” is an engaging and informative TEDx talk presented by Jamie M. Means, MSPH, Senior Consultant of JMM Consulting Agency, that will motivate you to prioritize your health and be mindful of how you allow social media to influence how you show up in society.

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